I sincerely hope this is the busiest time in our lives. I’ve never felt so swamped, or had my “important” and “urgent” lists quite so looooonnnngggg.

I am sincerely grateful to announce that the construction is DONE, and that we’re putting final touches on the furniture. Moving Day has arrived!

I sincerely promise that I’ll post photos of our new (truly amazing) studio space soon. Once I get back from my week-long trip to Ohio to work on a project I’ve been anxiously anticipating for most of a year. Oh, the joy!

I sure do miss y’all. Looking forward to seeing you soon.


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  • Chief Chick
    November 3, 2009 at 7:02 am

    Deb-so thrilled you can set up the new digs. Remember your personal laundress is only a phone call away. And…OHIO? Tell Ohio I want my stuff back. And…give it the teensiest of kisses from this wayward daughter. Look out for breathtaking foliage at every turn. xoxo