Swatch Thursday: Jay McCarroll

Yes, that Jay McCarroll. He’s done two fantastic collections of quilter’s weight cottons for Free Spirit since leaving Project Runway, and this is my favorite: Woodland Wonderland.

I adore the color palette, and that the deer look a little tripped out.

I like that it’s edgy and hip, but also that the scale and weight of the prints is small enough that you can use these fabrics and have the funky attitude be a surprise for the viewer.

I like the surprise of the ants, too, hiding in the wood grain.

Very cool stuff, and all three of these prints are over in the shop right now. Coming soon: charm-lets–like a charm pack, but with fewer prints. These fine fabrics paired with plaids and checks, all in 5″ x 5″ pre-cuts to get you to work on your project even faster!

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