The (Secret) Toy Society

Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 5.07.24 PMHave you heard of The (Secret) Toy Society?  I just stumbled across them the other day, and honestly, I teared up when I read what they’re doing over there.  Volunteers make snuggly, hand-sewn toys and package them up to leave anonymously in parks, on benches, in grocery carts, or anywhere else they might be found, and each toy has a little note that says, “Take me home, I’m yours!”  The finder gets a number and can match it up with the maker on the Toy Society website and see where their toy originated!  In many ways, it reminds me of BookCrossing (another awesome project), where folks leave books lying around to be “found” by others, to share the love.  This is like that, but with awesome toys!

If you’re looking for a charity project for your sewing group, or something to do with your children leading up to this season of heavy advertising as we roll into the holidays, I can think of few opportunities as rewarding as this one.  How fun to sew up some joy, not knowing where it would end up!  Open to anyone, anywhere in the world, with registration on their site.

Happy gifting, y’all!


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