Tidying Up!

Mr. O helps tidy up selvage bits in the studio.

Whoopee!  My husband recommended his favorite blog repair genius to go through the scripts inside the bowels of my blog and discover the errors–this is the same miracle worker who rescued my husband’s blog from oblivion when it up-and-vanished one night.  Not only was Ben Cotten able to figure out what was wrong, he was able to tell my why it went wrong, and then both fix and improve it!  Knight in shining armor, indeed.  Took less than 48 hours, and he was an absolute peach the entire time.  I can’t thank–or recommend–him enough!

Which means, we’re back!  I have over 40 new posts drafted and outlined, and we’re ramping up publishing over here at Whipstitch with the hopes of giving you a brand new post every day in February.  Look forward to features on flannel, more Anthropology of Sewing, a peek inside Anna Maria’s voiles, plus some color theory and a rousing discussion of the joys of solids.  Yum!

In the meantime, feel free to browse the shop and check out the sale section, where I’m adding the very, very last bits of flood fabrics and some new bundles.  We have some HUGE news coming in the next few weeks–coinciding with a massive blog design overhaul–and we’re clearing space to make room for all the excitement.  Can’t wait to share details with you all!  We’ll be here, tidying up the studio, even the littlest ones.

P.S. Have you signed on for the 2010 Goal Setting?  Check it out and leave your comment!  We’re putting together a whole new page and program to last all year long–and we’d love to have you there…

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