Time to Study Up for a Sewing Quiz!

It’s competition time!  I love a good quiz, sometimes regardless of the subject matter.  But a sewing quiz? Am ready to rock OUT on that bad boy.

Whipstitch is proud to present: my very first Sewing Quiz! Woot.  Questions range over a wide variety of topics, from technique questions to names of sewing celebrities to true/false product identifications.  Great way to check your knowledge and learn some new stuff, too!  Multiple prizes awarded to those of you brave enough to throw your hat in the ring.

Quiz goes live MONDAY NIGHT at 7 pm EST.  Open to everyone, including international!  Sewing Buddies: there are extra prizes in it for you.  Don’t have a Sewing Buddy?  It’s not too late to get one!

Happy stitching, y’all, and see you Monday night at 7!

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