Useful Sewing Books & Progress Report

Great review of useful sewing books over at Dress A Day.

Check back soon for a section on the Whipstitch site with links to great books to get you started!! On that front, be aware that the LOGO is in development as we speak, the URL has been purchased (link here and check back often as content gets added!), and plans are underway to get fabric selections up by the end of 2008 on the web. I’m VERY excited about this whole project, and am working to devote my maternity leave to getting it rolling–any words of support, encouragement, or suggestion would be much appreciated!

Got a particular fabric designer you love? Let me know! Got a particular fabric need? Drop me an email! Your wish is..well, maybe not my command, but certainly taken into consideration!

Keep yer eyes peeled, y’all! We’re working hard to bring YOU the best in fabric and sewing in Atlanta!

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