Continuous Bias Tape Tutorial–Now On Video!

For a while now, folks have been asking me to make a video version of my continuous bias tape tutorial from a few years ago.  I teach this technique both in my in-person classes and my online Essential Sewing class, and it’s even included in Stitch by Stitch, but I have been putting off and putting off making a video–which is a little weird, because I am completely obsessed with bias tape and use it every chance I get.  Dude, I would totally make this stuff for FUN, and have been known to winnow down my fat quarter drawer by cutting up chunks of fabric that are languishing into bias tape to be used in a pinch (you never know when you’ll need a gift for a baby shower that you forgot you were attending until your husband honks the horn in the driveway and you have to make a super-fast baby blanket with bias tape binding while he idles the engine–not that any of that ever happened to me).

In the Summer Dresses e-course right now, we’re making the Drawstring Shift, and using continuous bias tape  to finish off the armholes and neckline.  While I was preparing a video to guide them through applying their bias tape, I thought I’d shoot some video of the CBT–that’s Continuous Bias Tape–method I use and share that with all of you!  This is a longer video than I almost ever make, but I wanted to be sure to go into detail and really walk you through not just HOW to make it, but WHY it works and WHAT to look out for as you’re walking through the steps.  Hope you love it!

8 Comments on “Continuous Bias Tape Tutorial–Now On Video!

  1. Fantastic video! When I first saw it was 17 min, I thought, Ugh, but it went by so fast and your commentary is hilarious. And watching the high speed footage of cutting the strip out was strangely, soothingly mesmerizing.

  2. I’ve been using your method since I started sewing (with you) a zillion years ago! Best continuous bias tape ever!

  3. Seriously You Are A STAR for putting this together. !!! Thank you.

    You make sewing a DELIGHT

  4. Excellent tutorial ~ thank-you!!
    question ~ does your beginning fabric need to be closer to a squarish shape than a long rectangle? Say I had a 1/3 of a yard – would I need to cut the fabric in half width wise then sew the pieces together along the cross grain? or would I just need to trim the width down and make less tape?

  5. i will be using this method from now on
    thank you you are my star

  6. I love, love, love your bias video! You made it so fun to watch! I had downloaded instruction but never understood them. You made it so easy that I am going to try this out today! I am so excited! Now I don’t have to go buy bias anymore! Thank you so much!!!

    • Oh, hooray!! Another convert!! I adore bias tape–hope you make a zillion yards and have a ball doing it! 🙂