My mother uncovered this photo of my great-grandmother, the maker of this antique quilt.   She actually found two photos, and allowed me to select one; I chose the one where she doesn’t have her teeth in, because there was something about the intimacy of seeing her in a moment when she thought no one was looking that really appealed to me.  I love the light in this photo, and how focused she appears.  She looks like the kind of lady who makes zillions of quarter-square triangles, doesn’t she?  How awesome to have a face to put with the quilt, and a story to put beside the two.  One of the things I love about sewing the most is how personal it is, how tactile and immediate and rewarding, but really how personal and direct a connection it makes between two people.  Nothing like uncovering an old photo to bring that home.


5 Comments on “Grandma

  1. Your grandma looks like a wonderful woman. Like my 95-year-old grandma, she looks like she worked hard. I often think my grandma’s life puts mine to shame — she was so unselfish. She worked hard everyday and never complained. I should be so good. Thanks for sharing the photo and story.

  2. I can see why you love that picture. My grandmother was an avid quilter and I treasure the photos of her at her quilting frame. I love the wallpaper behind her, wouldn’t that be some gorgeous fabric?