I am waiting for my Hipster Membership card to arrive

About a year ago, I gave in and joined Pinterest.  I had resisted, since everyone else was doing it.  But then I joined and it was love and magic and stuff.  I have so far successfully avoided Instagram, certain I would never give in.  But then I got a new phone, and suddenly Instagram downloaded itself.  Without me doing anything at all!  Weird.  After a few weeks of having NO CLUE how to even work the dern thing, this is the first photo I have ever taken or posted (the art here is that I’m doing a near-perfect Runaway Bride impression IN THE CAR–it’s as though both hipsters AND Instagram were invented for the sole purpose of me showing off my skillful D-list celebrity impressions).

I thought I didn’t want to be on Instagram because everyone else was using it–but then it turns out, that’s where all my friends are.  Wouldn’t ya know.  And when I saw them all having conversations away from my beloved Twitter, it was basically like they were eating lunch at a new table or something.

So, here I am.  I am Whipstitchier, because someone else was already Whipstitch.  Whatevs.  Come on over and stuff, if you want.  Could be fun.  Hipsters.

One Comment on “I am waiting for my Hipster Membership card to arrive

  1. Okay, Whipstitchier, I am a follower! :) The Runaway Bride photo cinched it! I am a newbie on Instagram, too. My daughter talked me in to it. She swears it is addictive. I will be seeing you!!!