I am waiting for my Hipster Membership card to arrive

About a year ago, I gave in and joined Pinterest.  I had resisted, since everyone else was doing it.  But then I joined and it was love and magic and stuff.  I have so far successfully avoided Instagram, certain I would never give in.  But then I got a new phone, and suddenly Instagram downloaded itself.  Without me doing anything at all!  Weird.  After a few weeks of having NO CLUE how to even work the dern thing, this is the first photo I have ever taken or posted (the art here is that I’m doing a near-perfect Runaway Bride impression IN THE CAR–it’s as though both hipsters AND Instagram were invented for the sole purpose of me showing off my skillful D-list celebrity impressions).

I thought I didn’t want to be on Instagram because everyone else was using it–but then it turns out, that’s where all my friends are.  Wouldn’t ya know.  And when I saw them all having conversations away from my beloved Twitter, it was basically like they were eating lunch at a new table or something.

So, here I am.  I am Whipstitchier, because someone else was already Whipstitch.  Whatevs.  Come on over and stuff, if you want.  Could be fun.  Hipsters.

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  • Pam Fields
    November 13, 2012 at 10:49 pm

    Okay, Whipstitchier, I am a follower! 🙂 The Runaway Bride photo cinched it! I am a newbie on Instagram, too. My daughter talked me in to it. She swears it is addictive. I will be seeing you!!!