Video Tutorial: Recycled Hand Puppets

Simple, no-sew hand puppets from stuffed animals scored at the thrift shop (or scoured from their forgotten spot at the bottom of the toy chest).  Quick and easy, with crazy professional results!  Awesome dinosaur sound effects, yo. I’m adding new video features and tutes all summer long over on the Whipstitch YouTube channel! Hello, vacation.

Instructions for Sewing: Doorway Puppet Playhouse

Our oldest is nearly fifteen, and when she was around six, she really, really loved puppets.  Browsing through the Lillian Vernon catalog one day (hey, it was the late 90s, OK?), I had seen a doorway puppet theatre that looked adorable–for $65.  Really?  For a couple tension rods and some poor-quality velveteen?  $65? So I […]

Tutorial Round-Up: Crib Sheets PLUS Toddler Top Sheet Tutorial

(Attention Atlanta locals!!  Mark your calendars: Dana of MADE will be in Atlanta June 11 & 12 for a blogger talk, a FREE demonstration, and a limited-seating Mystery Workshop, all hosted at Whipstitch!  Her blog is amazing, gorgeous, and very widely-read.  Her tutorials–like the one featured below–are always so well-written and easy to follow, and […]

Handmade Baby Gifts are the BEST!

Last week (which I was SO sure would be my last week pregnant) I received the most thoughtful surprise: a friend who I met when she came through one of my sewing classes as a student dropped off the sweetest baby gift.  A soft, snuggly blanket she stitched herself.  By the time you get to […]

Wardrobe Refashion

I teach a series of classes called Wardrobe Recycle, inspired by the numbers of people (mostly women) who are part of the truly, truly fabulous Wardrobe Refashion. I’m currently working on a version of this class taught online, in addition to the format we offer in person. It’s such a great wway to re-envision your […]

Handmade For ALL!

Check out the Handmade Pledge site for inspiration and to sign the Handmade Pledge. It’s a consortium of creators and crafters who are dedicated to making their own and buying from others who do the same! Great inspiration as you begin to create your own vision. Whipstitch’s sister company, Pretty Jane, has been doing handmade […]