Anna Maria: Innocent Crush has ARRIVED!

People: it has ARRIVED.  I was on the phone with the manufacturer and was told just last week that none of this fabulous collection would ship until November, and then yesterday at the shop, it magically appeared, as if Anna Maria herself had waved a wand and wished it so.

Right now, we have every single one of the 22 quilt-weight cotton prints you see here, in both of the fantastic colorways.  Could you DIE?

I don’t have word for when the home dec, voile and (gasp!) velveteen will ship, but you can bet I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, what are you waiting for??  Bundles (one yard, half yard and fat quarter) are listed in the shop, as well as yardage of each print individually.  As always, shoot a convo or email for multiple yards of any print, and we’ll ship out today!

Happy, happy stitching, everyone!

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