Big Butt Baby Pants

I’m contagious.  At least, I think I’m contagious.  I have at least three friends who have been hoping to get pregnant over the past year or more, and all of them are now expecting babies.  Which is a relief in lots of ways–mostly for them, obviously, because they’re all really excited, but also because I’m off the hook!  We’ve done had our last baby at our house, I’m afraid.

Here’s the thing I didn’t really think about when we had this last baby, though: no more bitty baby clothes.  D’oh!  I do love making tiny things to welcome tiny people.  So having baby showers to attend and new babies and new mommies to shower is a true joy–I’ve gotten so many smiles out of the things I’ve made and things I’ve been gifted for our four that I’m really having fun thinking of special gifts to give to my dear friends as they welcome new babies into their lives and busy days.

Enter Rae, of Made by Rae. Love. Her.  That’s all there is to it.  She and I have plenty in common (former schoolteachers-turned-sewing bloggers, science nerds with needles, kids underfoot, great hair, etc), and I love her voice and her aesthetic.  She makes a great pattern, too, I can tell you–and her newest is just what I needed for all these bitty ones!

The Big Butt Baby Pants are really sized for cloth-diaper-wearing babies (ours are about 50/50–we were full-time cloth folks for babies #1 & #2, but the honest truth is that now we’re about half-and-half) so I was relieved to see that she gives instructions for sizing this pattern to fit a disposable-wearing baby, too.

These are for the shower I’ll be attending tomorrow–if you’re on the guest list, don’t going sending the link to the mom-to-be, now!  Of course, these were so quick and easy–went together in well under an hour–that I might just whip up a couple more pair tonight after the kids are asleep.  Rae includes instructions for a bunch of variations, and I’m itching to try those now.  The instructions are flawlessly well-written, and the pages include every detail you’d need to know to put these together.  They really are great for any skill level, and only have four seams plus hems!

big butt back

Grab a copy of the pattern here.  This is an instant download, so no waiting–which goes to show how cool Rae is.  If you’re a cottage industry, notice that Rae very, very generously provides you with permission to produce these FOR SALE on a small scale INCLUDED in the purchase of the pattern.  Awesome!

Happy Big Butt stitching, y’all!

Edited to add: I did end up making two more pair of these before heading to the shower–for real, they take about 40 minutes each, and are so darling.  The mom-to-be, looking radiantly beautiful, loved them!  I’m even sending over a copy of the pattern for her to use as her new baby grows–it’s a gift that keeps giving.  Like a fruit basket, but better.

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  • Dana
    August 13, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    I love this pattern too. Rae did a fabulous job! You’re right, perfect for shower gifts!

  • Resha
    April 20, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    Cute babies stuff! I’ll try to make some of your patterns for my baby. So excited to have it soon. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂 Have a great day