Charm Pack Projects Series: Introduction

I’ve just discovered charm packs, and to be honest, when I first saw them I thought they had NO value–maybe to a quilter, but not to anyone else. I may have said something along the lines of, “What a stupid idea–who needs 36 different pieces of itty bitty fabric??”  Boy, was I wrong! These puppies are great, and give you the chance to use a ton of prints from a single collection to make dozens of projects with a whole lotta personality.

I’m embarking on a somewhat ambitious series putting together some of my ideas and experiments using these delicious bundles of yummy.  Think: skirts, home dec, gifts for giving!  Stay tuned.  In the meantime, there are lots of other ideas out there on the Internets.
My brief troll on Google brought up some ideas and comments and suggestions, like:

  • Mix multiple charms together with one another or with a single solid color to unify the look and make the charm pack go further.
  • Check out the comments on Craft Apple for the woe that befalls so many who don’t know WHAT to do with their lovely charm packs–and some simple but great ideas, like patchwork bulletin boards and pin cushions.
  • Traditional patchwork to dress up a purse, over at Lazy Girl
Stay tuned as this series shapes up–if all goes well, I’ll publish the patterns, some to sell and some to give away!


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