Fall Wardrobe ecourse: Mastering Sewing with Patterns! Some Questions: Answered.

I’ve had a few emails come through with questions about the e-course–details that it might have been nice for me to mention to all of you yesterday.  Thought I’d share the replies here in case it helps you to get off the fence and come join us!  It’s already looking to be a really fun group, and I’d love to have you join us–I can’t wait to be motivated to make some really lovely things for ME this fall.  Woot!

The class begins Aug 1 and ends Sept 2–will the class content be up after that end date at all?

Yes!  The class happens daily from Aug 1 through Sept 2, but the content will all be posted and available through the end of October–so you’ll have plenty of time to work at your own pace!  Maybe you’d like to slow it down and take three weeks for each of the garments–totally fine.  Or maybe your kids won’t be back in school until Labor Day, so you won’t really have time until then.  Or maybe it’s just too darn hot out, and you want to wait to sew with heavier fabrics until the temp drops off a bit.  All of those are legitimate reasons!  You’ll be free to access the site in its entirety through the end of October, and I continue to monitor comments and respond to emails to make sure your questions get answered.

Do I have to be on the class site at a particular time each day?  I’m in another time zone/on another continent, and I want to participate but am worried I’ll miss something!

Nothing to worry about!  Each day, a lesson is posted by noon Eastern time, so you can log on after that time and access the full lesson, including any video, audio or downloads.  Want to join us later?  Do that!  Work through the lessons on your own schedule, when it works best for you.  Comment and other class members will connect with you from where they are–maybe half a world away!  Cool, right?

Where can I get the patterns you’re using for the class?  How about apparel fabrics?

The patterns can be purchased through the links on the original post, and most independent shops carry the Proper Attire Skirt and the Colette Violet.  Whipstitch also has a selection of the Lisette Passport pattern (for just $7 plus shipping!) in most sizes (just convo for a listing).  Apparel fabrics can be purchased from a number of online vendors–I’ll send out a list of my very favorites with your registration.

Will the patterns fit me?  I’m worried they won’t come in my size!

All the patterns were chosen not just for how super cute they are and the skills you’ll learn by making them, but also for the wide size ranges.  Every pattern fits bust 30″-42″ and hip 32″-46″ (and a couple go even smaller or larger).  Check the individual pattern listings for each one.

I don’t really love one of the patterns you chose.  (Sorry!)  Is it OK if I sew a different style, instead?

Of course!  No need to apologize–we can’t all like ALL the same stuff.  We’re using each of these garments to illustrate the skills required to construct them.  I think they’re awfully cute, all five of them, but you might not love them quite as much as I do.  Because each lesson is really about the skills rather than that specific garment, you’re free to choose a different pattern for the same type of garment, and sew that as you’re learning the skills.  I’m always happy to answer any questions you have during our time together, even if it’s about another pattern than the one we’re working on–the rest of the class might enjoy seeing the variety!

I’m still learning to sew–will this class be too advanced for me?

We’re ALL still learning to sew!  (Isn’t it great that sewing is something that grows as you do, and that there is always something new and fun to learn?  I love that.)  Just because you’re still starting out is no reason not to challenge yourself and reach for new heights, am I right?  I’m going to assume that everyone in the class knows how to thread their needle and wind their bobbin, and that you feel comfortable with basic sewing terms (like “grainline” and “hem” and “seam allowance”) and tools (like your shears and seam ripper).  If you’ve made some basic projects before, you’re in great shape!  My past students will attest that I work hard to make sure that sewing isn’t a gated community where only those who know the password get to play–I want you to stretch your skills but have a great time doing it, and I think this class will do just that.  Much of it is structured like the Patterns class I have offered in person in the past, which picks up where Intro to Sewing leaves off.

I’ve made plenty of patterns before–will I be wasting my time with a class like this?  Is it too beginner?

No!  Because we’re tackling these specific patterns, the skills range advances from new-to-patterns to more technical sewing as we go.  All of it is laid out so that we build gradually but quickly–so if you don’t need help choosing your pattern size but really want to make better curved hems or piped seams or install a fly zip, there is plenty here for you to learn, too!  Plus, I find that most of us have gaps in our sewing knowledge of one kind or another, and working through a class like this helps you fill in any tiny holes while still challenging and motivating you as you work.

If you have additional questions beyond those I’ve listed here, please do leave them in the comments!  I’m more than happy to answer them.  I’m super excited about this course, and want to make sure you feel the same way when you sign up!

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  • michelle
    July 22, 2011 at 10:04 am

    ok…you’ve convinced me! I’ll sign up…might be sending a convo for some patterns though!

  • Ahuva Belfer
    July 25, 2011 at 10:42 pm

    Hi Deborah,

    I wonder if I can place a Whipstitch button on my blog?

    • Deborah
      July 25, 2011 at 11:09 pm

      Absolutely! 🙂