Glorious Heather Ross Time-Suck

Looking for something to while away some daylight this weekend? Heather Ross is running a design contest over on her blog, Weekend, to promote her new book, Weekend Sewing. The entries so far are OUT OF THIS WORLD inspiring. Check out some of Heather’s favorites, including the one pictured above. Hey, maybe send in your own! It can, after all, be totally pretend and fantastical, i.e. you don’t ever have to find the time to make it, just to dream it up. And isn’t a pretty Sunday afternoon made just for such a thing??

I’d love to see them here, too, to inspire your fellow (and sister) Whipstitchers. Feel free to CC me on your email to Heather, and we’ll ooh and aah in multiple virtual locations at your brilliance and creativity.

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  • Sewing Geek
    March 25, 2009 at 9:02 pm

    I really wanted to do that! I printed out the sheet of clothing and not even sure where it is now. Yours is fantastic!