Last-Minute Mother’s Day Project Ideas

We’re getting down to the wire, everyone. And all over Blogland I see great ideas for gifts for Mom–assuming, of course, that I’d planned ahead. Considering my sister’s Christmas gift from 2004 is still in my closet, unsent, let’s just say I’m not always a good planner in the gift-giving department. So here, for all of us, some suggestions for quick, 20-ish minute gifts for Mom this Mother’s Day!

Tired Mom?

How about a soothing eye pouch, filled with lentils and dried lavender flowers? Or an energizing one, filled with rice and rosemary?  I like to make them so they cover the cheeks, too, and really block out the light.  Just sketch the shape, cut two, stitch in the ties, and voila!  Instant rejuvenation, and a quick and easy project for you.  Add a hand-drawn tag, and you’ll shame your sibling, for sure.

Relaxing Mom?

An easy scented trivet/coaster for her morning coffee/tea! The rice and crushed clove & cinnamon filling is poured into stitched channels so it will spread out beneath her cup or teapot and release its scent when the warmth hits it. Plus, this protects her nice furniture, and catches any drips!

Sentimental Mom?
Why not whip up a thoughtful hand “print” card? My mother and I have always had the same hands–same oversized knuckles, same funny shaped thumb.

Try one using WonderUnder and some cool, Mom-themed fabric.

Or why not one you’ve stitched yourelf? I traced my hand on the inside of a piece of card stock in pencil, then stitched right over it in contrasting thread. Erase the pencil marks, then add a sweet message for a gift she’ll treasure!

Crafty Mom?

How’s about picking up a couple bundles? Of fabric! Check out our designer fabric bundles on Etsy for a selection that’ll get her creative juices flowing, and gift her with a stack of yummy potential. Whipstitch will even ship direct to Mom via Priority Mail!

Been-Waiting-A-Long-Time-For-This Mom?

Maybe you’ve been SO remiss that your mom deserves a party. Or maybe a gift card for classes! Our in-town Atlanta sewing classesare registering for the summer months–isn’t that something she’d love? Pick up a gift card in any amount and she can use it to come share her skills and learn some new ones.

Consider a gift card for Mom’ Night Out, thanks to Whipstitch!  She can drop off the kiddos, they make a craft, she gets to play, everyone wins.  And YOU are the most thoughtful cat around–especially if you make a reservation at the same time.  Nothing says thank you quite like dinner, dessert, candlelight–and time out of the house.

Or if you’ve REALLY dropped the ball, schedule a surprise party for Mom at our Buckhead sewing lounge! We do birthdays and baby showers, but why not an UNbirthday? Or a Mother’s Shower? Your guests come in, make a gift on the spot with the help of our instructors, have snacks and cake, and Mom leaves with handmade gifts and the certain knowledge that she’s treasured. And it only takes a moment of your time!

Best wishes to all the moms out there this week–here’s hoping the other 364 days of the year find you just as appreciated!

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  • Claire
    May 8, 2009 at 7:55 am

    Very cool gift ideas!