Making a Comeback

I know, I know: it’s only been three days.  But already I feel as though I want to sew a gazillion things.  It’s amazing how catching up on your sleep will send you images of inspiring designs and new ideas and get you all jazzed up again to get going on some of the projects you’ve been putting off!  Either that, or this baby is my absolute muse.

I’ve been working today on a few little things, just puttering here and there, really.  Some hand embroidery that I’m pretty excited about.  The Overmost, whose launch has been delayed by childbirth (but is totally nearly done).  A new girls’ dress pattern, resuscitated from the lost patterns of our flood last year.  A fabulous skirt from my new book.  Bits and pieces, laid out on the work table, mixed and matched. I’ve been putting patterns with fabric, like these new ones that just arrived over at the shop:

Delicious, spring-inspired colors and fabulous new prints.  Just what I need to give me a reason to put that baby down even for an instant.

Of course, I can only play for about an hour before I want a nap, and to hear her little sighs as she sleeps.  Bits of happy, left and right.  Feeling pretty good, and making a comeback.

Happy sewing, y’all.

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  • Kim
    May 12, 2010 at 6:48 pm

    welcome baby Whipstitch!

  • Melanie Bugg
    May 14, 2010 at 12:03 pm

    CONGRATS on your sweet little bambina, Deb!!!