NEW! Sale from the Fabulous Jen at MOMSPatterns

Jen just sent out the following email to her loyal customers–of which I am one, and grateful for it, too!

Starting right now and good until the end of the month; you may use, share, post or sell (haha!) coupon code ‘iheartmoms’ to save 15% off of your order. The code may be used over and over anytime you see something you like; no order is too small or too large! Sharing the code on bulletin boards and blogs is appreciated because it spreads the word about where to find some of the best vintage & out of print sewing patterns on the web! 😀

I have about 135 patterns in the Sale section of the site and have slashed the prices down one final time to $1.50 each. At the end of the month, any of these not sold will be donated to a local charity shop as I could really stand to use the room on the site for newer vintage stock for you. I will continue to run a Sales & Clearance section; but the ones I have there now are nearly as old as the site itself! They’ve got to go one way or another ~ I’m maxed out at 2000 items in the store and honestly, scrambling for room!

Coming as quickly as we can count the pieces and list them: Some spectacular Vogue Couturier and Paris Original patterns which may or may not be auctioned on ebay; or priced high end right here ~ We’re talking Gres, Fath, Dior, and some of those hard to come by 3 digit couturier styles that are out of this WORLD! 100s more 50s & 60s patterns. Some full figure patterns. More children’s patterns. And LOTS of good Viva Las Vegas – Rockabilly or vintage prom dress patterns!

Run, children. Run out and use that code. Buy up all those delicious sale patterns so Jen can GET ON IT and post new yumminess for all of us!

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