Open Sew Hours at Whipstitch Atlanta Begin June 1!

As I read the comments that came through after each installment of the Sewing Spaces series, I was reminded how true it is that many folks who are new to sewing really don’t have sufficient room to spread out and roll around in their new pursuit, wiggle in the patterns until their fingers get all pruney.  Which can be a complete bummer–and worse, dreadfully de-motivating.  I’ve always had the hope that Whipstitch would become a place where everyone would feel welcome to drop in and do some sewing, to snag an opportunity to schedule some alone-time and put their stitching on the calendar.  With the new square footage we’ve got, it’s time to do exactly that, and we’re super proud to announce that beginning June 1, 2010 Whipstitch Atlanta will be hosting Open Sew hours seven days a week!

What it is: Open Sew is an opportunity for you to do some self-guided sewing using the Whipstitch space and supplies.  You’ll have access to our cutting table with cutting mat, classroom area and large classroom tables, irons and ironing boards, laundry sink and gorgeous light-filled studio atmosphere.  You bring your own machine, basic sewing kit and project–or pick up patterns and supplies while you’re at the shop!–and work to your little heart’s content.

When it happens: Open Sew is available at any unscheduled time in our classroom space.  Refer to our class calendar for openings.  Obviously, we can’t ever promise you that there won’t be another stitcher working at the same time as you, or that you can guarantee you’ll have the space all to yourself*, so always check the calendar to be sure there isn’t a class or private event scheduled before you drop in, and plan to make some friends!

What it costs: Open Sew is available at the hourly rate of $8.  Punch cards will be available beginning June 1 to purchase 10 hours of sewing time in bulk for $50 (that’s a massive savings of nearly 40%!).  If you spring for the punch card, you’ll be able to keep yours in the file at the shop (no fishing in purses or wallets! no losing it one punch before it’s filled!) and with the tenth and final punch, we reward you with a free gift.  Rock on!

Who is welcome: Open Sew is for absolutely anyone who wants more space to sew!  Our lounge area is always available at no charge for hand embroidery, hanging out, having a cup of coffee or tea, meeting up with friends for an afternoon of fabric shopping–but often, you need more space than that to spread out.  Maybe you’re machine quilting and want to have plenty of room.  Maybe you’ve got some patterns to cut out, and don’t have a table big enough back at your place.  Maybe it makes your husband nuts when you take over the dining room, or maybe your kids make YOU nuts when you try to sew at home.  Or maybe you work better and have more fun when you’re enjoying the companionship of others as you sew.  Whatever your reason or need, Open Sew offers you the chance to come use our airy, light, modern, bright space to make your sewing visions come alive.

I am beyond thrilled to have this in place and available for our customers.  Not only do I dream of uninterrupted sewing time for myself–no lone looking for me!  quiet and solitude to stitch in peace!–I want it for all of you, too, and am sincerely dedicated to seeing Whipstitch become a place where each of us can push ourselves a little closer to seeing our ideals come to light in our own daily lives.

See you soon at the cutting tables!

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