Sewing Clothing for Kids e-course

There are so many of us who never bothered to learn to sew, or never really thought we would find it a terribly exciting skill to have–until we had children.  And now!  The thought of making teeny clothes for the teeny people in our lives is pretty amazing.  As my children grow (and multiply!) I find that I sew more and more for them, and that I find it more and more rewarding to know that I can make their clothing and offer them the memories of handmade love that I grew up with.  I like that I can find just the classic looks and shapes I like, in the fabrics I love, and sew them knowing that they’ll be super high quality and last for years and years and years.  I win on all kinds of levels.

That’s what the Sewing Clothing for Kids online class is all about: capturing those memories, for you and for them.  This five-week e-course is designed to walk you through the basic skills required to make eight original, classic children’s clothing patterns, for boys and girls: a simple skirt in three styles; a button-up shirt in short or long sleeve versions and with a cowboy variation; pants in three lengths with a flat-front and mock fly; a pinafore; a dress with a flip-flop reversible bodice; the Overmost; a reversible jacket with buttons or zipper, collar or hood; PLUS a bonnet and bib!  That’s eight patterns total, but that’s not all–by a long shot!  Since many of these patterns have variations, there are actually TWENTY-TWO different looks you can create with the designs listed here–and they’re all included with the class!  Every pattern comes in sizes 12m to 6T–so you can use them now and for a long time to come, for kids who live with you and kids who don’t!

Every pattern is available as a digital download, and then the class sessions walk you through the cutting, construction and embellishment of the design through plenty of detailed video, photos, PDF downloads, plus two live chats with your classmates.  Even if you’ve never made clothing before, you can totally make these super cute looks–for boys and for girls.  Begin with the rest of your class, and in five short weeks, have a fantastic spring wardrobe and a head-start on a lifetime of handmade memories!  Check out additional photos of the projects, plus some descriptions here.

This class is suitable for the confident beginner–someone who has either taken the Essential Sewing e-course or has similar skills.  Lessons are posted daily, but you are free to work through at your own pace!  I can think of few places better to practice your sewing chops than making something super sweet out of super cute fabric for that super cute kid that you super love.

The Sewing Clothing for Kids e-course begins Monday, March 11 and continues through Friday, April 12, 2013. ALL content will remain available to participants through the end of July 2013–four months–for you to review and complete as your schedule permits.  Registration fee of $109 includes five weeks of daily instruction Monday through Friday; two scheduled live chats with the instructor and class; video, audio, and/or PDF content with every lesson; email contact with me throughout the course; and a boatload of can-do attitude. Students from any part of the globe are welcome to register!





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