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Winter Sewing Retreat

I am BACK from the Whipstitch winter sewing retreat, and have virtually NO photos to show for it.  I was far too busy flapping my gums with these fine ladies to possibly have picked up my camera and taken any photographs.  What an amazing bunch of really cool women–all of them funny, and whip smart, and kind, and generous.  Just awesome.

Lots of great sewing going on, too.  I was hand quilting most of a quilt; Diane (my intrepid mother) made a garment bag and recovered some chairs; Diana (the shop’s delightful manager) made four skirts, all fabulous; Kim whipped out about a zillion tote bags to stock her gift closet; Tracey was working on a Vogue dress in a lovely neutral micro-print; Courtney very quietly and gracefully fully hand-beaded an amazing skirt; Chris and Marci both made jelly roll quilts, and defeated them handily; Linda had some amazing embroidery she was working with, as well as some lovely involved quilt blocks; Robyn was dead-set on conquering her Material Obsession quilt (which we all agree is better than the one in the book); Berry must have made six different garments, all of them lovely; Mary Ella was knocking out an Amy Butler bag that had me completely inspired; and Melanie made almost an entire layette for her soon-to-be little girl.  Huge range of types of projects, and so much helping of one another that it nearly brings tears to your eyes.  I actually lost my voice from all the talking, which is both a lesson in how wonderful the weekend was and a reminder that I really ought to talk less.

Looking forward to lots and lots more time with these ladies–we’re already planning a summer getaway to sew at the beach, plus monthly gatherings here in town.  We’ll invite you to come with us, too, once we get it scheduled!  The more the merrier, and the more sewing the happier we are.  Kim even went home after three straight days of sewing and sewed some more.  Makes me feel downright inspired.


I Feel *SO* Refreshed: Sewing Retreat Recap

You know how sometimes, your life is so crazy that you don’t realize how desperately you need a break until one is all but forced on you, giving you the unexpected opportunity to see things from another angle, and changing your viewpoint irrevocably?  Exactly.

The gorgeous north Georgia mountains, in the height of fall color.  And an amazing, funny, smart, wise, warm, talented group of women.  Just what I needed, even though I didn’t know quite how much I needed it.

I spent more time at my machine the past three days than I have in weeks, and it was therapeutic and productive and inspiring and magical.  Just magical.  No other word.

I feel piggy from the amazing food (my meals this weekend: jumbo shrimp with parmesan grit cake, pulled pork BBQ with apple blueberry cobbler, marinated portabello in puff pastry with creme brulee, and the best chili potato bar this side of anywhere–I’m stuffed!).  I feel endlessly grateful for the incredible company.  I feel rejuvenated and itching to create from the wonderful ideas.  I feel renewed.

By my count, we had a total of 30ish projects completed: one quilt binding, one Dr. Seuss super-cute tote for a charity auction, four skirts, three blouses, one boys’ shirt, two dresses, two pair of pajamas, one apron, one soft toy book, two jackets, eight Christmas ornaments, two pillowcases, half a pair of jeans, a zillion quilt blocks, and most of a ball skirt (to be revealed at a later date–it’s fabulous).  Amazing!

Every one of us is all ready to go buy a 2011 calendar so we can book the Inn for next year.  Best retreat ever–and only getting better!  Thanks, ladies!

Autumn Sewing Retreat: One Spot Left!

We’re heading out on Friday for our annual sewing retreat in the North Georgia mountains, and I gotta say: after the crazy of these past few weeks, I AM READY.  We’re staying at the Glen-Ella Springs Inn, which is amazing and welcoming and historic and luxurious and fantastically perfect for this trip.  How’s about some Jumbo Shrimp sautéed with peppers, shallots and andouille sausage in apple wood smoked tomato sauce over fried Parmesan grit cake?  Or maybe you’d prefer Chicken Orchard – boneless chicken breast prepared with Cavados and Granny Smith apples served with tomato risotto?  Or you’re in the mood for 6 oz. beef tenderloin with mushroom demi glaze?  And that’s just the menu for the first night.  And THAT’S just the FOOD!

We take over the conference center each year, and sew to our little hearts’ content, morning to night.  We’ll have a lovely BBQ lunch in the Garden House on Saturday with a hand-sewing workshop, and we’ll stitch away on projects of our own choosing as much–or as little–as we’d like.  I’ve got some fabulous plaid silk lined up to be the skirt for my Christmas party ensemble, and the yummy Lizzy House Castle Peeps sampler to work on in quieter moments.

Wanna join us?  We’ve got just ONE SPOT LEFT, and I love someone spontaneous and bold who wants to jump in at the last moment.  Click here to see the details and register to join us–first come, first served!

Fall Sewing Retreat

We’re coming up on just a WEEK until the Whipstitch Autumn Sewing Retreat in the North Georgia mountains, and I am SUPER excited. We’re busy little bess over here, packing up orders from our flood sale and preparing to relist the fabrics we have left and list some that didn’t make the first round. If you’re looking for somewhere amazing to sew up all that new, freshly-laundered fabric goodness, JOIN US! We still have spaces left for the retreat. Just email deborah at whipstitchfabrics (dot) com and we’ll get you all squared away!

Autumn Sewing Retreat Registration Available Online!

Wow, y’all. I am so excited at the fantastic response we’ve been getting for our Autumn Sewing Retreat. The registration form is now available in PDF format for download. Please grab and print and as always, ask questions if necessary!

We’ve got 14 spots at the Inn total. As of Aug 1, we have seven spots remaining. Your best bet is to email me by writing deborah [at!] whipstitchfabrics (!dot) com first to confirm that a space is still open and to claim it in your name. Spaces claimed in this way will be held for 7 days, awaiting the arrival of your registration and payment, either by check, money order, or PayPal.

I can’t even tell you how thrilled I am as I look forward to this event. I stopped and talked to a former student the other day (who has become a good friend) and she said she realized the other day it had been nearly seven years since she’d gone away, just her and the girls, no kids, no husband. I thought it over and I’m pretty sure it’s been FOURTEEN for me. Ack! So, you know, I pretty much need this retreat as much as anyone. The guest list so far is excellent, and I can personally assure you that you will find yourselves in top-quality company. Keep in mind that high-level sewing skills are NOT required, and that we’d love to see you no matter how long you’ve been sewing! That’s all part of the fun. We’re thinking of this trip as our Sewing Circle on the road.

See you then, and happy stitching!