I love Twitter. Really, I do. It’s like microblogging–all those ideas that don’t have time or depth enough to develop into full blog posts, but that WANT to get out. Those are Twitterable. Just today, I learned of Patty Young‘s new sewing pattern line, and set up a wholesale account so Whipstitch can carry them the minute they hit stores. How great is that?

I offered a Twitter-only surprise today, too: my 400th heart on Etsy received a 25% off gift certificate to anything in our Etsy shop, just for hearting us. But she wouldn’t have known without Good Ol’ Twitter!

I’ve got a bunch of other Twitter-only promos in the works. Come on over and make yourself known! I promise, I’m not one of those creepy Tweeters who tweets every 35 minutes with their URL and LOTS! OF! EXCLAMATION! POINTS! I like knowing who’s out there, and what they’re doing, and connecting with other crafters and indie business owners and bloggers and designers–and guess what? They’re all on Twitter, too.

I’d love to see what you’re up to. Follow me at

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  • mrs.deane
    March 26, 2009 at 10:43 am

    I think I was your 400th customer purchase in your Etsy shop :O) Do I win something? Wink-wink! Just kidding. Sorry. That was shameless…