Vintage Thread Cards

My wonderful neighbor across the street discovered these vintage thread cards in her grandmother’s stash and thought of me. I love the images, the colors, the texture of them. Mostly, though, I think I’m drawn to the text on the back:

It has never occurred to me in this world of luxury and technologicaal advancement to be concerned with whether or not my thread is going to fade or bleed into my fabric. I do think occasionally about whether or not a cotton thread will stand the test of time, or if my bleach will eat a polyester thread to little bits, but I’m deliciously free of having to worry about my black thread being “fast.” I’m so busy hoping my children won’t be…
Like that first one? Then this second one takes the cake:
If only we all still spoke this way, and “desired to call special attention” to the little things that most affect our day. Imagine toiling over a sewing project, putting your soul into it, stitching it up BY HAND, only to have it ruined when it’s laundered. Plus, you can’t simply run out and replace that ruined garment: you must WEAR it, and your heart breaks a little each time. I would want to call special attention to anything that would spare me that tiny heartache each day. Wouldn’t you?

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