I Have Done This Before

I’m back from fabulous Cincinnati, and my brain is pretty close to fried.  Am taking a day of R & R, sorting my scraps.  You might recall I did this once before, and it had a spectacular and largely unexpected therapeutic effect.  Looking forward to turning the brain off for a day.  Anyone have any […]

Spoiling Myself

I splurged and picked up not one, but TWO of these Liberty mini-bundles this week.  They’re for a project–I swear!–but they feel like little bits of luxury.  The lawn is so soft, so supple, and it’s cool to the touch.  The colors are so vibrant and the prints are so eclectic and exciting.  I have […]

Why You Should Care That The Cotton Crop Failed in China this Year

Because fabric prices are about to go up. That’s the simple answer: you should care that China and Pakistan experienced massive flooding in 2010, that India had record droughts and that in the US and Russia cotton was underplanted to meet demand, because all those factors combine to create a shortage in cotton for 2011.  […]

Far Far Away 2 Giveaway AND a Discount Code!

Head on over to the always-fabulous Made By Rae for a Far Far Away 2 giveaway! Win a set of TEN fat quarters, plus pick up a coupon code good for 10% off any purchase in the Whipstitch online shop between now and Saturday when the giveaway closes. What are you still doing here???  Get […]

A Dream Has Died

Last night, I taught an English Paper Piecing workshop, and was reminded how enamored I am of this technique.  It’s very Zen and meditative and repetitive in the most soothing way, but at the same time, it requires some basic geometry and logical thinking and planning ahead.  It’s slow sewing, the kind that lends itself […]

Just What IS a Fabric Collection?

When I first began designing children’s clothing years ago, I came at sewing as someone who has always made clothes.  Which seems a little obvious now that I write it out, but at the time it felt like a revelation.  It felt as though I had entered this whole new world, this foreign country that […]

Quilt Market: My Best Discovery

I saw so, so much to love at Quilt Market: fabulous new cotton prints, new patterns, new people.  It really was a great chance to connect with other folks in the industry, to share ideas, to get inspired.  I loved hanging out with Kim of True Up and meeting organic fabric designers Michelle from Cloud9 […]

Appealing for your Assistance!

So, I bought this truly fantastic Alexander Henry print for my second child, four years old, and planned to make a pinafore for her to wear this coming week as we head into Halloween.  But the longer I look at it, the more I think maybe it doesn’t WANT to be a pinafore.  Maybe it […]

Fabric Design Weekend Was So. Much. Fun.

For reals.  I admitted it this weekend in person, so I might as well admit it to you here: I host these sorts of events because I want to go to them, and I’m just inviting other people along so I can more easily justify my addiction.  There.  It’s out now.  You know the truth. […]

Fabric Design Weekend Friday and Saturday!

I am delighted to invite you all to join us for a weekend of events celebrating fabric and surface design!  Atlanta is a wonderfully diverse and talented town, and I’m humbled to have some terrifically cool ladies right here locally who know a whole lot about fabric and design.  Join us for conversation, demos, round-table […]

Patchwork Distractions

I intended to finish working on these: But I got distracted by these: Am also wondering if I want to take a chocolate break with a chocolate lollipop given by a detergent company: See y’all Monday!

Whipstitch Hip Fabrics and Sewing Lounge OPENS in the heart of Atlanta!

We’re OPEN FOR BUSINESS! I can’t tell you how overwhelmingly excited this makes me. In my wildest dreams–my driving-down-the-interstate-reading-the-lotto-billboard-and-fantasizing-what-I’d-do-with-that-money dreams–I can only have ever hoped that I’d have a little fabric shop all my own. And here it is! Sooner than I’d hoped, and not at all like I’d expected. And isn’t that totally the […]

Even Better In Person

There’s been a ton written recently about Heather Ross and her imminent hiatus from the fabric design world–read all about it here. Her last collection, Far Far Away for Kokka, is due out any minute now. I’ve just received swatches from the US distributor, and I gotta say, folks: WOW.  This stuff is all kinds […]

Swatch Thursday: Good Folks

What’s not to like about Anna Maria Horner? She’s sassy, she’s all about family, she’s crazy talented, and she makes gorgeous fabrics like these: Yumtastic. All from her new Good Folks collection for Free Spirit. All in the shop, in yards, bundles, and charm packs. ***UPDATED:  And all 10% off at Whipstitch Etsy through 3/1 […]