Nearly There

Projects that are almost finished (but not quite): My new temporary studio, situated in our dining room.  I won’t have a “real” studio until the basement gets finished, which we thought (insanely) would be right away but looks like will take at least a year.  Needed to be painted, which we did last weekend–now I […]

Our Summer So Far

To a certain degree, it feels as though we’ve gotten off to a rocky start this summer, maybe because the kids are having a rough time with transitioning to a less structured daily schedule.  There have been tantrums, there have been tears, and that’s just me!  (Bah-dum-dum.)  Our summer break has really only begun this […]

Teen Room: Progress

I think in my head, this was a Grand Reveal.  But my husband was away all last week, and when he got home on Friday evening, I hurt his feelings by suggesting that I might move some furniture around in our teen’s room while the younger children slept.  As soon as the words left my […]

Hot Pink Four-Poster

Not that I need *another* project going on right now, but I’ve begun the painting of the new bed for my oldest child: a wood four-poster canopy bed that’s going from worn and tired to HOT PINK.  After the success I had with the kitchen table, I feel bold enough to tackle this, even though […]

Kitchen Sorta Update, Because What I Really Need Is Another Half-Finished Project

I can’t show you any photos of the kitchen, because work has ground pretty much to a total halt.  I blame the fact that I am excessively cheap, and refused to pay someone thousands of dollars to do the painting–including painting the cabinets. Which means I haven’t finished doing that job, and we’re living in […]