Tutorial: Manly Travel Power Cord Roll-Up

Took a little longer than I anticipated, but it turned out super cute!  I’m delighted to share with you:  The Manly Travel Power Cord Roll-Up, just in time for Valentine’s Crafting! This tweedy little wrap has space for multiple laptop/phone/digital music accessories and cords, and bundles up nice and tidy to fit in a corner […]

Valentine Gifts for Man Folks, Update

You guys had some pretty great ideas.  For my choosing, I had these: garbage bag for car bento-y lunch kit in tweed steering wheel cover leather “bracelets” manly placemats & napkins skinny ties boxers (silk and otherwise, as well as something called a “willy warmer”) scarf with built-in iPhone pocket anatomically correct heart embroidery (on […]

Personalizing a Commemorative Gift

After I’d finished putting the binding on this quilt for my sister (and taken some photos, naturally), I had planned a craft project for the kids that would personalize the gift even further: placing their handprints and ages on the back of the quilt to commemorate our visit, to capture this one moment in time […]

Nautical Quilt

When I mentioned that this quilt was meant to be a gift, I didn’t say it was for my sister–on the off chance that she reads my blog (I’m pretty sure she doesn’t) and the surprise would be busted.  I’m the absolute WORST about gift-giving–not getting them, or planning them, but actually mailing them.  So […]

Just in Time for the Dads! Radio Interview and Gift Ideas

I drove over to my hometown of Montgomery, Alabama last week to talk to Carolyn Hutchison, the host of Community Focus on the local public radio affiliate.  I was invited to come over and talk about ideas for Father’s Day gifts that are handmade, and I jumped at it–what a great way for me to […]

36 Days Until Christmas

I used to have a lot more of these.  I’ve been knitting, in fits and spurts, since May to make handmade, hand-knit dishcloths for my family for Christmas this year.  The plan was to give a set of three to each of the ladies, and then sit back while I convert all of them away […]

Velveteen Rabbits, or: Anna Maria May Have Given Me Scarlet Fever

What a beautiful day for a walk in the wide, wide world! Let’s see if we can find a friend, shall we? Say, who’s that over there? Oh, hai!  Wanna come play with us? Hello!  So very nice to meet you. You know, I wasn’t sure I’d meet any other rabbits out here, certainly not […]

Humbling Generosity in Coordinating Fabrics

I arrived at the shop on Monday to find a gift bag on the counter.  I asked if it was a birthday gift for Diana, our intrepid shop manager, and she informed me it was for me!  Yippee! And then I opened it.  An unexpected gift is always lovely, but to find a handmade quilt, […]