Come to Whipstitch for a Book Signing with Dana of MADE!

Dana Willard, the lady with the exquisite taste and glittering sense of humor behind MADE, has published her first book, and she’s coming to Whipstitch to share it with us!

I first “met” Dana online during an auction to benefit Stephanie Nielsen.  I clearly remember the day, because I’d had a cold and was feeling sorry for myself and my rotten luck, and then I read Stephanie’s story for the first time, and realized I was a spoiled little brat.  Plus, I blogged it, which makes the details much more clear.  Anyway, there was the opportunity to offer up items to auction to raise funds to help support the Nielsen family as they recovered, and I was manufacturing children’s clothing at the time, and I wanted to help.  Dana actually wasn’t the winner of the outfit I auctioned–she was outbid by a dollar–but she asked me to make outfits for her two kids anyway, and we got to be friends as we emailed back and forth.  I think now that she was really my first online friend, and I sincerely had no idea how completely I had won the internet lottery.

Dana’s gift is that she’s this totally accessible, funny, thoughtful, kind, intelligent lady with great taste who just loves to make stuff.  So when you read her blog, you feel like you’re getting to know her and that she’s sharing these great ideas with you, just because she likes you so much.  It’s pretty awesome.  Her blog is a favorite destination for a lot of us who sew, and is one of only four or five that I check every. single. day.

Dana’s first book, Fabrics A to Z, is everything her blog would make you hope for and expect.  It’s easy to read (no, seriously, you can totally read it), it’s beautifully photographed (which it would be, since Dana didn’t just write the book, she shot all the photos herself, too), and it’s exquisitely researched (which coming from someone who has the integrity Dana has, isn’t a surprise).  She covers every fabric you could possibly name, and then dozens more that you’ve never heard of.  She gives you suggestions for caring for and working with each fabric, and it is perfectly sized to carry along with you as you’re shopping.  I snapped a copy up well before it was released, and think it’s seriously awesome.

Dana is coming into Atlanta just for one evening, and she’s sharing her time with us at Whipstitch!  I’m really thrilled to see her again, and to have all of you come down and spend some time hanging out with one of the coolest, most down-to-earth sewing ladies on the web.  Dana is signing copies of her book, bringing door prizes to hand out to a lucky few folks, and will hang chilly at the shop for the evening.  (If we’re really lucky, maybe we can wheedle some details out of her about her SECOND book, which is in progress as we speak!  Eeep!)

Event begins at 6:30 on Thursday, July 12.  Light refreshments will be served.  The shop will be open for any impromptu stitching you might feel moved to bring with you–plus we’ve got yards and yards of new fabrics to check out while you’re there!

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  • brooke
    July 6, 2012 at 11:13 am

    Oh if only this were on Friday, I could talk the hubs into making a trip to Atlanta for the day…boo! Excited for you though:).

    • Deborah
      July 6, 2012 at 11:21 am

      Oh, poo! Thursday is just when her flight comes through–so sorry we’ll miss you, hopefully the two of you can plan a trip another time! You know, we’re having a crafty meet-up that Saturday evening following our charity sew-in, maybe you could still come through for the weekend? Something to consider! 🙂