Circa 1934, Subtle Announcement, and a Shameless Plug

It might be hard to tell, but this is a new quilt top using Circa 1934 from Cosmo Cricket.  I loved this collection at first sight, largely based on my unnatural interest in typefaces, and am so glad I scooped up some half yards when it came to the shop.  The green in these prints is very close to the green we’d like to paint the walls at the house that we CURRENTLY HAVE UNDER CONTRACT (see what I did there?), and with my husband’s (also unnatural) love for the Alabama Crimson Tide, this looks to be a nice way to tie his mantuary color scheme together with the wall color we’ve selected.

The vintage typewriter keys will be right at home with all the books we’re hoping to add to his basement man-shrine.  I dream of having my own smooshy chair in a cozy corner, under this lovely quilt, enjoying some chicken wing dip on a Saturday evening in the late fall while the Tide whoops UP on whomever they happen to be beating playing that week.

I would cheerfully show you more, but this is one of those projects whose destiny is already determined, and the full reveal will have to wait until I’m given permission to release photos and details.  Until then, this is really and truly the best I can do.

Shameless plug: you can totally make this very quilt using the skills you’ll learn in the Your First (Modern) Quilt e-course!  The class really isn’t just for first-time quilters–we get into more advanced blocks like the Dresden Plate, the Drunkard’s Path, and Tumbling Blocks, which lots of experienced quilters are too shy to try.  There’s still space left to brush up your quilting skills with an online class, and I’d love to have you there!

Yummy.  Am already itching with anticipation to show you the whole thing, but I really don’t like getting in trouble, so I’m going to be a good girl.  Mostly.

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  • Rachel at Stitched in Color
    October 19, 2011 at 1:27 pm

    Congratulations, Deborah! I’ve already done a teeny bit of sewing with Circa too. Definitely a great line!

  • michelle
    October 20, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    Yay yay yay for the house!!