Diamond Star Block

I’m finishing up the blocks for my Your (Second) Modern Quilt class–Y2MQ for short–and thought today I’d put together the quilt top.  Naturally, that’s when I realized I had run out of my Kona corn background fabric.  That seems pretty close to impossible, since I could have sworn I had four yards of the stuff (it IS Whipstitch yellow, after all).  But no, not a yard to be found.  Just a squeenchy little bit, truly barely enough to squeeze out the yellow for this final block:

We were originally scheduled to do the Star of Mystery from Fresh Lemons as the final block for this star sampler quilt, but we’ve already done a few foundation pieced blocks, and I wanted for us to try something new.  This one (which, believe it or not, is from TLC) requires more precision piecing and has a lovely Y-seam, which I personally find challenging-in-a-good-way.  I blew the template WAY up–like, +200% or something–and this ends up being close to an 18″ block or so.  Which is fine, since nearly all of us have settled on a non-linear setting for the finished quilt, and have been working with various sizes of blocks since June or so.

Once I get more Kona corn tomorrow or the day after, it’ll be time to fiddle and see if I can’t determine the best way to lay these blocks out to make them really sing.  Might come back and ask for your help with that.  Wait for it.

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