Embroidery Obsession

The winner of the embroidery starter kit over on The Long Thread this past weekend has been announced, and her kit is all packed up and ready to go to its new home. Myself, I’ve been a little preoccupied this past Labor Day weekend. I have become a Woman Obsessed.

My second embroidery project ever:

See, our guest instructor over at Whipstitch for the embroidery workshop next week gave us a preview, and I began one project, but when it was done, I wasn’t–except my order from Sublime Stitching hasn’t arrived yet. The focus and relaxation from the stitching was SO unexpectedly welcome, and I was a junkie looking for a fix. And then this past weekend, football invaded.

My husband is a huge SEC football fan. HUGE. As are all his college buddies, many of whom came to our house prior to the big game at the Georgia Dome this past Saturday. I made hot wings and they drank beer. They left for the game, I cleaned. They came back, drank more beer. The next morning, I made pancakes and bacon. There was no more beer.

Through it all, I stitched. I worked on my logo in embroidery, and it soothed me. As the plays went on, I felt relaxed. As the coffee table got a little stickier, I was unperterbed. As we stayed up well past midnight, I was perfectly content.

I never knew stitching and sports went together so well.

We have ONE spot left in our Welcome to Embroidery workshop on September 16–come find your own little bit of happy!

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  • Leigh
    September 8, 2009 at 9:33 am

    I love embroidering in from of a football game! That and knitting has gotten me through the past 2 seasons. I'd sew on my machine, but my hubby complains about the noise I make. So silent and soothing, I pick up a needle and work with my hands!