2015 Sewing Bucket List: 17 Projects to Tackle This Year

sewing bucket list 2015

OK, I won’t bore you with too many of the background details, but this list came from an amalgamation of factors: my desire to sew as much as I can ONLY from my stash of on-hand fabrics in the coming months; the inspiration provided by Erin with her “26BOOKS” list for the coming year; my deep and abiding love for lists of any kind; and my on-going cogitation over how to re-format the Sewing Buddy Project (entering its SIXTH year!) so that it works better for all the Buddies involved, rather than scrapping it altogether.  That last one has been a pretty strong motivator, obviously, and this list seems to be tickling me that it’ll fold it’s way into the Sewing Buddies one way or another.

It’s a New Year, and I think a lot of us are looking for a means to help keep us motivated and moving forward as we sew, but also to move away from the comfortable and the familiar in small ways.  I’ve spent some time talking to folks over the years about their sewing goals, and I wanted to assemble a list that ANYONE could use to guide their sewing, at any level.  You’re a beginner?  Then #8 is all about using double-gauze or knits for you.  You’ve been sewing for 40 years? Then #8 is all about leather or burlap or fused fallen leaves for you.  Options are limitless, and so is inspiration–and no matter how much sewing you’ve done, there’s always something left to discover and to which to aspire.  I’m beyond any doubt that it is THIS which keeps me coming back to my machine again and again: the endless options, like entering a library and realizing you could read them ALL.

Will you play along with me?  There are 17 items in this list.  That averages out to one project every three weeks, which seems pretty manageable.  It also allows for some lulls and some catch-ups and some life to happen, without any damage.  Plus, there are lots of these that could, conceivably, be combined into a single project, if you’re into that kind of thing (like making your something borrowed be the same as your something blue).

I plan to do these in order, and realistically, won’t combine any.  I like to do things the hard way like that.

I’ll be using hashtag #2015SewingList over on Instagram to share images, and I’d love to see you do the same.  How fun would it be to see all the ideas and projects rolling out over the coming year?  I’ve got some mental lists, too, of great links and patterns and tutorials and Pin boards to share, and some ideas for how this list could inspire the 2015 Sewing Buddies.  I hope you’ll tag your images and join the fun!

Bring it on, 2015.  I’m ready.

31 Comments on “2015 Sewing Bucket List: 17 Projects to Tackle This Year

  1. I will play along, though I will give it some thought. I will probably modify the list somewhat for my own purposes. (Or invent my own rules, such as combining projects to count for two or more items on the list.) This looks like a lot of fun!

    • Hooray!! Out of curiosity, which ones do you think you’d need to change? And is it because they’re things you do often already? Excited to see what you’ll sew in the coming year!!

      • It’s more that I think 17 projects might be too much to take on. I have at least one other time-sink hobby. I overcommitted in 2014 and hope to strike a better balance in 2015.

        • I totally get that. I considered 12, but one-a-month seemed like it would get lost in the shuffle, if that makes sense. For me, if I miss one or combine some from this list into a single project, then I’ll still feel as though I’ve really attempted things I wouldn’t have done otherwise. I just hope it gives you some inspiration and encouragement to make time for projects you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t gotten around to yet!! 🙂

  2. I am in. I am planning on retiring in a few months and had already begun to think about how I will have time to do more challenging and new things. For many years I was a garment sewer and then in the years I was a single Mom with a full time job I pretty much only did a bit of craft sewing now and again. In the last 17 years I’ve become an avid quilter with only the occasional pincushion or quick skirt for my granddaughters. Time to refresh those skills and I think this list is a good way to start!
    PS Will a pillowcase count as something for him…lol!

    • Haha!! Yes, totally–every man needs a place to lay his head!

      And I love all of this, Mary Ann. I love that sewing never really stopped being a part of your life, and I love that no matter how long we step away from sewing regularly, we can always dip back in. Like riding a bike. Am super excited to see what you’ll make this year!!

  3. Possibly related to blog reading woes – Bloglovin told me you had “no recent posts” but I knew that was a lie because of Instagram. I don’t love Bloglovin so much.

    My goals this year are to sew more for me rather than all the kids in my life – so many nieces and nephews who are so appreciative – and to figure out knits. I buy fabric and patterns meant for myself, but when I have time to sew I tend to fall back on something for the kids, because I know it will fit someone and they’ll be so excited.

  4. I was skeptical at first that I could work off this list, but then thought about it some more, and I might be able to swing it. It will depend on how long I take with the quilts – I’m starting the year with making my first ever quilts. I have 2 barely started that I’m doing myself. A 3rd – the quilt top was made by my mother-in-law who passed away 2 years ago, and I found it when we were cleaning out her house. I forgot about it until I found it recently in the bottom of my fabric box. The top needs some repair work before finishing it with a backing, etc – this is also on my to-do list for the year.

    Anyway, I posted my thoughts about each item on your list on my blog here: http://weneedmangos.blogspot.com/2015/01/2015-sewing-goals.html

  5. I am going to blog about this challenge later this week and will undertake it. With 6 grandkids, I should be able to find projects that I can use for gifts. I have several new rulers I have not used yet, and like almost all quilters, I have a stash of fabric, books, and patterns that need to be used. I’ve never signed up for a challenge before, so we’ll see!

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  7. Hi,
    I want to give a chance for this challange! Exciting! I will blog about it.
    Greetings from Sweden.

  8. I plan to get make few skirts, a few dresses for me and also rompers for my kids, something for hubby and home dec, like cushion covers (with frills on em). handbags.

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  10. After watching a few series of The Great British Sewing Bee it has reignited a passion for sewing again this year! This sounds just like the challenge I need!! I’ll be joining in! 🙂

  11. I love your bucket list and I’m going to adopt it and won’t even need to adapt it!

    • Oh, cool! Off to see your first project! (And looks like lots of folks are working out of order and even combining line items for various projects–will be so fun to see them all come together!)

  12. I think, I am going to jump on this bandwagon and see where the journey ends. I just read about the sewing buddies idea. Has the sign ups already happened for 2015? Thanks for putting this great list together.

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  15. Hello there
    I have just blogged about your challenge too. I plan to make them out of order as well as I have quite a few things in mind that will fit the categories and then will do the rest round those. Do not have Instagram so will be using my blog for feedback.
    Thanks for sharing your list.

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