Popping Up On Pinterest

So, there’s this neat little trick you can do on Pinterest, to see if anyone has pinned images from your site.  You type the URL for Pinterest into your nav bar, but then add “/source” and “/YOURURLHERE” and it brings up all the images that have been pinned from your page, like this:

Screen shot 2013-09-27 at 4.34.35 PM

I learned this fun trick from reading Pinterest Power, back when Dana recommended it.  Since then, I think it’s fun from time to time and take a break from pinning a zillion images to my boards and instead see what others have found on my blog to pin.  Somehow, the projects I always think are earth-shattering never seem to make the dent I expect, and other projects that I made on a whim or off the cuff seem to have serious staying power.  There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

Like this project, which gets pinned every single week, my Quickie Quilted Placemats:

reversible placemat beauty

And this one, which I made very specifically at the request of my friend Mika, a Kindle Cover with tutorial:

kindle cover splash

Or this one, which I made because my friend Kim asked me to, for a set of Nested Fabric Buckets:


The Snack Bandolier gets pinned a lot, especially since I published the license for manufacturing:


Here’s another one that I made with no thought to Pinterest whatsoever, the stitch sampler:


I think I get most excited when folks pin things where the image wasn’t really the point of the post, though.  Like the Emergency Dress, which was really about how pretty my husband makes me feel, even when my sewing isn’t perfect:

dress main

Or the Travel Power Cord Roll-Up I made for my husband (at reader suggestion) a couple of years ago, and that he still uses every single day:

travel power cord roll up

Or the pot holders that had a funny surge a week or so ago and suddenly got extra popular out of the blue:

pot holders

I love it when patterns pop up pinned by people, especially free ones, because it makes me hope they’re all out there sewing them up–like the Vintage-Style Teddy Bear:

teddy bear splash image

Or the Bee Skirt I designed at the request of Melody Miller and had such fun putting together with her and her associate, Allison:

Screen shot 2011-09-01 at 12.16.54 AM

And this popular one, from deeeep in the archives, the 20-Minute Skirt Tutorial for girls:


Pinterest is like this fun blast from the past where I get reminded of projects and photos I’ve shared and had almost forgotten.  Sometimes I get bogged down thinking about what’s next, next, NEXT for the blog and for Whipstitch and for me that I forget how much I’ve done and accomplished in the past few years.  Yesterday it dawned on me that my fifth anniversary for blogging as Whipstitch just slipped past me in August, which seems like so little time and yet represents a lot of hours and hard work.  It’s exciting to get to look back at all that visually by peeking in on Pinterest, and so, so gratifying to know that time and thought and love that I put in a lot of years ago still has relevance and is interesting and exciting to folks out there in the wide, wide internet.  On days when I’m buried under calendar dates and my own lists of lists of things to do, it really does my heart good to know that my effort has longevity and has made an impact.  Amazing and exciting stuff, and today, I’m feeling super grateful!  Thanks, you guys.

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