Survey: Setting Our 2010 Sewing Goals!

From Joyful Lova's Flickr stream

Remember the 2010 Sewing Goal Setting a bunch of you signed up for?  It’s time (now that the health of the blog has been restored and the new design is well underway) to really tackle that task.  January is nearly behind us, we’ve adjusted to writing “2010” on our checks (or nearly), and there’s a terrible cold front moving in.  What better time to sit back, answer a quick survey, and start to think about where your sewing can take YOU this year?

Check out the survey we’ve put together, designed to probe into your happy and sad sewing places, and give us an idea of what you’d like to achieve.  Please forward along to anyone you think might like to play, and feel free to blog, tweet or email the link!  The more responses we get, the more we can flesh out the guides we’ll create and make a really robust program so that we can ALL achieve our sewing goals this year.

See you soon, and happy sewing!

NOTE:  This survey will expire on Sunday, February 7, 2010 and will no longer be available after that point.  This allows me to access the data and get it all massaged before designing some programs for us all to utilize as we progress this year!  Get those responses in–I’m really loving hearing what you all have to say.

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