The Best Part About Quilt Market is the People (Part 2)

Picking up where I left off:

Oliver + S, headed by the incomparable Liesl Gibson, is one of my long-standing favorites.  Both she and her husband Todd are the most lovely, real, down-to-earth human beings you can ever imagine meeting, and they seem to inspire fierce admiration and loyalty everywhere they go.  Doesn’t hurt a single bit that the Oliver + S design aesthetic is delightful and smart and clean and modern, no matter what they release.

Projects from Liesl’s book, Little Things to Sew, were all over their double (maybe triple?) booth, and looked every bit as crisp and modern in person as they do on the page.

The new fabric collection, Cape Ann, was all over as well, and I’ll be honest: I’m pretty smitten.

It’s simple without being shallow, clean without being spare, classic without being traditional, and overall a delightful addition to the Oliver + S repertoire.  (I told you I was a fan.)

It wasn’t a surprise that Todd and Liesl both were mobbed most of the day by their admirers, but I did happen upon them during a brief quiet moment and have the chance to show off my Lisette Traveler dress (as in: “Oh, Deborah, you look nice!” and “Thanks, I hope so–the dress is yours!”).  Am totally calling Todd to get us hooked up to host the Oliver + S trunk show in the shop this summer.  Woot!

I think I was just as gushy when I ran across Miss Kay Whitt, of Serendipity Studio.  Kay is just a doll, no other word for it: an absolute doll.  Not only is she a teeny little lady, she’s sweet and funny and un-self-conscious and really super fun to be around.  Plus: hello!  Sparkly!

We hosted a trunk show for Kay’s book Sew Serendipity last fall, and can’t wait to do the same for her new book, Sew Serendipity Bags. It releases in September, and we’ve already hatched a delicious plot that involves a visit to Atlanta, some hi-jinks in my favorite boutique hotel, and a lot of giggling over dessert.  Yay!

Then, as if I still had energy, I stopped and caught up with Patty Young of ModKid.  I just love me some Patty.  Check out this spontaneous pose:

She’s my little fireplug, this one.  She makes me laugh and laugh–totally amazing.  Can you believe she was doing Quilt Market, but then leaving that night to head to New York City for Surtex?  No idea how she gets it all done.

Patty has a new collection out with Michael Miller this fall, Grand Bazaar, but the part I’m most excited about is this:

Ribbon!!  I picked up some samples and am so, so over the moon about all these lovely ribbons coming soon to the shop.  I mean, really the whole weekend was a delight as I got to see all the new categories of products that these designers have been coming up with.  I feel like we’re all a little bit on the cusp of a whole new adventure when it comes to sewing, and it’s seriously fun to be part of it.

OK, tuckered again.  Next: last of my friendly visits, and some new friends I made and hope you’ll love, too!

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  • Karen Chatters
    May 19, 2011 at 9:11 pm

    That Patty Young collection with the ribbon – AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! WANT! MUST HAVE! NEEEEED!!

    OK, I don’t need it but I really, really like it.