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Intimidation Factor

I really love a challenge.  I do.  Sometimes I like to see if I can do something JUST to see if I can do it, whether I’m especially interested in the final product or not.  But other times…man, I just get too intimidated. I’ll be all super excited about making something I’ve never made before […]

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I Thought It Might Be Instagram, but Looks Like It’s Your Phone’s Fault

  So, I asked the question about Google Reader killing blog comments, and not intending to do an experiment, also posted a quick screen shot of the blog post title on Instagram: Really I was posting on IG because I wanted to alert people that I had blogged–I suspect because, deep down, I figured no […]

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Why I (Still) Sew: The Story of a Sewing Evangelist

September is National Sewing Month.  Which sneaks up on me every year, in the same way that Grandparents’ Day sneaks up on me every year, because I wasn’t really looking for it, and because it’s not one of those huge holidays you plan for.  Unlike Grandparents’ Day, though, I want to make a really big […]


Run Your Own Race

I can only think of three phrases that, at this stage in my life, come into my head on a daily basis and remind me where to step next.  This is one of them. I read it about three or four years ago for the first time.  In my memory, it was a Carrie Fisher […]


White Thread

A little randomly, at some point over the past year I decided to challenge myself and see how long I could go sewing with only white thread.  I know: that really goes beyond nerdy and gets into “slightly weird” territory.  Still, I was curious and thought it would be a funny goal to set for […]

Sewing to Learn

Sewing to Learn

So many of us came to sewing wanting to know more.  OK, once I write that out I realize how ridiculous it sounds–I think what I mean is that no one comes to sewing thinking that we already have the knowledge and skills to accomplish the task.  More so than lots of occupations or endeavors, […]

The Margin of 10000 Hours

The Margin of 10000 Hours

I remember sewing before the internet.  For me, and for most of the folks I knew who were sewing, it was primarily about achieving a goal–usually a finished garment.  Sewing wasn’t, for us in the pre-blog, pre-Pinstagram age, about ALL THE PROJECTS WE HAVEN’T DONE YET.  But doesn’t it seem as though sometimes, now, it […]


Tidying and Repairs

Sewing Buddies: don’t forget that today is the final day to upload entries for Sewing Buddy Challenge #2: Color!  You have until midnight tonight to get your images added to our Flickr group.  Take care to label them “Challenge #2″ and best wishes to all of you–the field is still wide open, and I can’t […]


Your Thread Has a Shelf Life

Last night, I started a new Intro to Sewing class, and as with all my classes, we got to talking about tools and supplies–and like many of my students, some of the folks in my class this month have sources for great supplies from other seamsters in their families.  One mother and daughter, who are […]

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Taking Back Seamstress

Last January, I had a conversation about the word “seamstress.”  I was lucky enough to be in Palm Springs at the Heather Ross Workshop, and even luckier to be hanging out one evening after the excitement was dying down with Gretchen and a whole host of other seriously cool ladies.  And as we’re all talking, […]