Kindle Cover Tutorial

My sweet friend Mika liked my Kindle cover so much she asked for a tutorial.  Since I’ve always been a bit of a slacker in the gift-giving department, I wanted to make her something pretty, so it was with sincere and genuine pleasure that I put this together, mostly for her but also for you!  […]

Chain Stitching on Garments

Chain piecing is a simple technique that makes quilting vastly more efficient: source Very simply, chain piecing involves sewing a seam, then rather than cutting the thread and beginning a new seam, tucking the next piece of fabric beneath the presser foot and continuing to stitch.  It’s faster–you don’t spend all that time cutting thread, […]

Tutorial: Manly Travel Power Cord Roll-Up

Took a little longer than I anticipated, but it turned out super cute!  I’m delighted to share with you:  The Manly Travel Power Cord Roll-Up, just in time for Valentine’s Crafting! This tweedy little wrap has space for multiple laptop/phone/digital music accessories and cords, and bundles up nice and tidy to fit in a corner […]

Nested Fabric Buckets Tutorial

I didn’t invent the idea of the fabric basket/bucket–nothing like–but I am certainly more than happy to walk you through how I made the ones I’m using in my studio.  After discovering–purely by accident–that a smaller (prototype) bucket fit neatly inside the larger size I settled on, it occurred to me as I prepared to […]

Scrap Project Bucket #2: Hexies and Yo-yos

Of the three larger fabric buckets, I’m pretty sure this is my favorite one.  This is an older Farbenmix print I got from the same stashbuster sale where I scored the Heather Ross squares–I tell myself I love it because I lived in Germany when I was small, but really, it’s just a stinkin’ cute […]

Dear Martha: A Mod Podge Tutorial

Special thanks to Amy over at Mod Podge Rocks for hosting today’s stop on the Stitch by Stitch blog tour! Check out her other amazing ideas for using Mod Podge, the most frequently used adhesive in my house after hot glue.  Thanks, Amy! If you asked any crafter what their secret dream is, I guess […]

Tutorial: Bias-Edge Pot Holder

Huge thanks to Dana for hosting today’s part of the blog tour!  She put in a special request for a bias tape project, like the Picnic Placemat in Stitch by Stitch, and is just as crazy for yellow as I am.  So here, for your quick-crafting pleasure, a simple tutorial for easy, fast, pretty pot […]

Scalloped-Edge Baby Blanket

When our second baby was born, she was gifted with two really amazing swaddling blankets. One of those is now her woobie, and the other was handed on to her younger brother and now to our youngest.  Who loooooves it.  Seriously–she’ll sleep without it, but she’s not that enthusiastic, whereas if we swaddle her up […]

Castle Peeps Travel Play Set

When Lizzy House’s new collection Castle Peeps was released, I ordered the entire thing for the shop sight-unseen–after Lizzy Dish and Red Letter Day, I didn’t need to see it to know it would be fabulous.  And boy, is it ever! Very few collections have sold so quickly or with so much excitement.  So when […]

Girls' Ruffled Pillowcase Dress by SimplyModernMom

Today, a guest tutorial!  As I write this, I am envisioning myself recovering from a smooth, happy delivery of our new baby.  Recently, Tiffany over at SimplyModernMom dropped me a note and shared some of these sweet images of her most recent tutorial.  I asked if she’d let me pirate it for the day, in […]

French Seams and Flat Fell Seams

So, I’m sitting at the laptop, 20 minutes into naptime.  And our three-year-old appears, holding her woobie: Pink Blankie.  Not the most creative name, but there it is.  Except, I look closer at Pink Blankie (PB for short) and there are TWO.  Two pieces, that is. “Honey,” I ask, “What happened to Pink Blankie?” “I […]

20-minute skirt tutorial

My girls wear a lot of skirts.  They’re easy to put on, comfortable to play in, and a great way to use up and show off small amounts of fabric that I really, really love.  Add an inexpensive t-shirt from Target, and you’ve got outfits all week long.  You probably even have all the supplies […]

Invisible Zipper Tutorial

Over at Clever Nesting, Whipstitch has a new (and pretty solid, I might add) invisible zipper tutorial, complete with numerous photos. Thanks again to Devona and Colleen for allowing me to sponsor for the week!

8 Great Bias Tape Project Ideas

Now, I adore bias tape, no doubt about it. And the continuous bias tape tutorial has been one of my most popular posts. So here, I am proud to present eight really cool ideas for putting all that yummy bias-cut goodness to use. Bias tape method for hemming jeans, over at Crafting A Green World […]

Tutorial: Underarm Bias Binding

Summer is coming, thank goodness, and that means sleeveless tops–yay! Personally, I have a very picky attitude when it comes to the strappy top: I don’t like the armhole to be too low or too loose. I like good coverage so there is never any lingerie hanging out the side, and so I can feel […]