Tweens Can Sew! The Girl’s Guide to DIY Fashion

Girls Guide to DIY Fashion

My little girl is going to be nine this year.  NINE.  It’s an awesome and icky age for any kid, and I can’t believe how quickly it happened.  When did my little girl get to be NINE?!?

Like my sisters and me with my mom when we were little, my kids see me sewing.  Like, every single day, sewing.  It’s how I internalized sewing as a natural extension of my own hands, as a way to take my creative ideas and make them real.  I want that for my children, and most days I feel like we’re doing a pretty good job of getting there (all those hours spent tracing shapes with embroidery floss must be building a foundation, right?)  Nine years old, though, has its own ideas.  Nine years old wants to do for itself, wants to express a viewpoint that’s independent of mom and dad.  Nine years old wants to design and plan and select and construct and MAKE.

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Lemon Drop Love: Small World Fabric

Small World corduroy pink with lemons | Whipstitch

Hello, Lemon Drop!  When Rae’s new collection for Cloud9 was very first announced, I lost my mind a little bit over this print.  I have some citrus obsession, I admit, but also: gah!!  How great is THIS??  The color combination, the lemony shapes, the sheer deliciousness of it all.

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Tutorial: Quick & Classic Fabric Headbands

fabric headbands and family photos

When our oldest was still living at home (before moving off to college), it made my plans for matching family outfit world domination a challenge.  As a high schooler, the patterns I used for the younger girls not only didn’t fit, they weren’t appropriate for an older girl–and things that were appropriate were more time-consuming to sew.  She was always a team player, though, and always willing to match the other kids, so long as it was reasonable.

Enter: the fabric headband.

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I Can’t Be Stopped: Matching Family Easter

family easter 2015

I am over the edge.  It’s official.  After many holidays and events where I insisted on dressing all the children in matching outfits, we have now celebrated our second? third? Easter where I made the entire FAMILY dress in matching outfits.  I am a monster.

Two dresses, two tops, two bow ties, one headband, one hair bow, one pair of shorts and a skirt.  Seven fabrics, nine patterns.  And a heavenly morning was had by all.  Read on for details and links!

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Sew Together, Grow Together


Ever since my Sewing With Kids series yeeeaaars ago, I’m always on the lookout for sewing projects I can do along with my children.  They went to Montessori school as little ones, so scenes like this are not uncommon at our house:

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 1.12.29 PM

I stretch a piece of unbleached muslin in an embroidery hoop and we draw a shape using felt tip pen.  Then they “trace” it with floss and an embroidery needle.  It’s “sewing work,” and they love it.

Each of them, though, would gleefully move beyond this simple project to make something a little more substantial.  They regularly go through my scrap basket–to which they know they have unfettered access–and I discover that our boy has made scarves or vests for his dinosaurs, or that our girls have made clothes for their dolls.  I’m always on the lookout for the kind of project that we can make together–and there’s a new e-book out that does just that.

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Now Available: The Overmost Pattern is Here!

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The Overmost sewing pattern a7

At last, at last!!  The Overmost pattern is BACK!

The Overmost sewing pattern a1

I originally released this pattern back in 2010, and it has been one of my best-selling styles.  Over the years, I have loved and used and my children have worn and worn and worn this design, and I couldn’t be more excited to give it a much-needed facelift and release it back into the world!

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UPDATED: Last Day for Sewing Buddies 2015!


***Registration extended!!  I’ve had a special request from a dear friend who wants to spread the word about the Sewing Buddies!  I’m extending registration until April 1 at noon Eastern to allow folks to get all signed up and ready to go.  Matches will go out on the same schedule as previously announced.  If you HAVE NOT filled out the survey form, Buddies, make sure you get it done by April 1!!

Today at midnight TOMORROW AT NOON registration will CLOSE for the 2015 Sewing Buddy Project!!  We’ve got a great, amazing group of folks who are looking for YOU to come play along with us.  We’ll be sharing videos, project ideas, downloadables, charity sewing, and community ALL YEAR LONG.  I can’t wait to see everything you’ll make and all the friendships that will be formed in our online group space.

Register to join the group, fill out the online form, and you’ll be on your way!  Registration closes at MIDNIGHT Eastern time tonight Wednesday at NOON, and all matches will be mailed out no later than April 2, 2015.  Can’t wait to introduce you to your Buddy!!

The #2015SewingList & A Sewing Buddy Welcome!

Back in January, I put together a list:

sewing bucket list 2015

I called it the #2015SewingList and shared it on Instagram.  (For the record, I don’t really like the term “bucket list,” but for the purposes of easily communicating my goals for making a list of all these projects, it’s a good handle, so we’re gonna roll with it.)  My idea was that all of us–ALL of us–have a pile of projects we’re wanting and waiting to do, and just need a little encouragement to get them done.  Making a list of project categories seemed like an efficient way of organizing them, making a checklist to work against, and maybe getting myself a little motivated.

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Days for Girls: A Sewing Charity to Embrace

One of the things Sewing Buddies have done over the years of which I am most proud is sewing for charity.  There are some really amazing organizations around the world and right here in the US that do incredible work and make a lasting impact in people’s lives through simple sewing projects.  I recently learned of a new one that moved me far more deeply than I would have expected, and that I hope you’ll consider following and promoting, even if you never sew a stitch for them.

days for girls banner

This is Days for Girls.  They are an organization whose mission is to provide education, employment and dignity to girls all over the world in one simple way: allowing them to have a private period.

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Coming to a Screen Near You!

I’ve got a couple projects up and coming to share with you!  A great power session class covering details and finishes; and an episode on PBS with collars and collar techniques. Click through for more details and links to each, and come play with me!!

sewing button

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