Sewing and Self-Compassion

Years ago, I was teaching a sewing class to brand-new seamstresses.  It was an introductory class, and there were six women there.  I gave my usual second-day-of-class pep talk, and then outlined instructions for the next project we would tackle together before sending them off to the cutting tables with their fabric to work independently […]

The Flip Flop Dress Pattern NOW AVAILABLE!

It’s here, it’s here!!  The Flip Flop Dress pattern is available for purchase and download NOW in my shop! Huge thanks to all of you who have been so patient and have been anticipating the release of this dress.  I think it’s a DREAM for back-to-school, and am delighted to have it ready and available […]

Back to School Wardrobes: Inventory

So, I bought all the kids new shoes and it made me feel pretty confident about starting off the school year with all the boxes checked and all their clothing organized.  Which led me to think/realize that their drawers are filled to overflowing with garments, but that I don’t know (1) which ones fit, (2) […]

Sheer Shirtwaist Dress: Preparation

Not too long ago (when I was doing the sewing for the new book), I went on…well, a binge.  A fabric binge.  I refuse to apologize for that, actually, because some of the best fabric purchases I have made have been tucked in amongst other things–you know, like when you’re buying a bunch of fabric, […]

Still Room in the Fall Wardrobe and Pants ecourses!

I have been absent lately, busily humming away on three different major projects that are getting ready to come to fruit, and I’m just about to poke my head out and share them all with you (I really think, sincerely, that you’ll be delighted when you see what I’ve been working on, and it’s all […]

Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion 2012

Dear heaven, I am EXHAUSTED.  I realize that it’s a total First-World Problem, but I have been too tired to blog.  Seriously.  The Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion last week was intense and so fun, and I came back really in need of a loooong nap. Just some highlights for you all: School was […]

Boys Pattern and Fabric Pairs: Making Selections

I’ve got a round-up today of patterns that are great for sewing boys’ clothing, along with some suggestions for what fabrics you might already have lying around that would sew up great!  Check it out over at Cook, Clean, Craft–and thanks to Narelle for inviting me to play along!  

Smokin Red Pants!

I love, love, love my new paaaaants!! These turned out even better than I expected.  I love the fit, I love the details, I love the length, I love them. The color ROCKS, and it’s just the right weight–it’s a really great organic twill, and now I want it in every single color they manufacture. […]

Fall Wardrobe and Pants e-courses now registering!

It’s official: registration is now open for my next e-courses: Fall Wardrobe and Sewing Pants!  These classes will begin in early August, right around the time that the kids are starting to prepare to head back to school and we begin to find ourselves with a few more minutes each day to do some sewing […]

Tova Top in Heirloom Linen

Seems like the entire World Wide Internet Web is talking about the Tova pattern, so it was high time I made one for myself.  I chose a deliciously lightweight heirloom linen in a subtle lilac check–love! The pattern is everything I’d heard it was: clean and straight-forward to assemble, with a great fitting sleeve and […]

Date Night Redux

I find myself in the same boat I’ve been in before, and so I thought a flashback post might be in order. My husband and I are heading out to an event tonight that’s “black tie optional,” and I don’t have anything to wear. A fact that I realized yesterday, naturally. The dress in the […]

Chain Stitching on Garments

Chain piecing is a simple technique that makes quilting vastly more efficient: source Very simply, chain piecing involves sewing a seam, then rather than cutting the thread and beginning a new seam, tucking the next piece of fabric beneath the presser foot and continuing to stitch.  It’s faster–you don’t spend all that time cutting thread, […]

The Sewing Buddy Project 2012: Challenge 1!

Hello, Sewing Buddies!  I have been typing my little fingers to the bone the past week or so matching up folks from near and far, playing yenta so that stitchers here and there (and sometimes way over there) can connect and share ideas and get inspired and maybe even find the encouragement to make those […]

Sewing for Kids Weekend with Rae and Karen!

I am a loyal reader of Made By Rae, and bought a copy of Sewing for Boys the week it came out.  So I am genuinely and personally thrilled to announce that March 23 & 24 Whipstitch is hosting these fine ladies for a Sewing for Kids Weekend!  Whoo-hoo! I have read Rae’s blog for […]

Mission Maxi Dress

I never got around to posting this dress after I finished it last summer, but with my Sewing Knits without the Serger class coming up next week, I got to thinking about this pattern.  It’s the Mission Maxi Dress from Jamie Christina, and it went together like a dream.  No serger, just a narrow 1/4″ […]