Emerson Shorts in moss linen

When our family took a trip to Maui this spring, I started packing pretty late in the game, for me: only a week ahead.  Because, for real, I get SO EXCITED when we travel that I am honestly thinking about packing weeks in advance, and have to hold myself back to only start putting things […]

Lost Project: Liberty Lawn Tuxedo Tank Top

This particular Lost Project actually got a lot of screen time, just not publicly: I originally drafted this pattern for my League of Dressmakers, and we worked with it in various capacities for a few months in 2016, and then re-visited it in 2017.  I used one of my all-time favorite Liberty of London lawn […]

Florence Kimono in rayon–with cherries!

I have a truly absurd number of garments hiding in my closet.  Things that I’ve made, for myself, over the past few years that have never been shared or blogged about.  Or more accurately, have made it on to my Instagram feed, but have never been written about at length in a format where I […]

Sheer Shirtwaist Dress: Preparation

Not too long ago (when I was doing the sewing for the new book), I went on…well, a binge.  A fabric binge.  I refuse to apologize for that, actually, because some of the best fabric purchases I have made have been tucked in amongst other things–you know, like when you’re buying a bunch of fabric, […]

Smokin Red Pants!

I love, love, love my new paaaaants!! These turned out even better than I expected.  I love the fit, I love the details, I love the length, I love them. The color ROCKS, and it’s just the right weight–it’s a really great organic twill, and now I want it in every single color they manufacture. […]

Tova Top in Heirloom Linen

Seems like the entire World Wide Internet Web is talking about the Tova pattern, so it was high time I made one for myself.  I chose a deliciously lightweight heirloom linen in a subtle lilac check–love! The pattern is everything I’d heard it was: clean and straight-forward to assemble, with a great fitting sleeve and […]

Vogue 1152 in Tula Pink Voile

In just a very few weeks, I’ll be teaching the BabyLock Totally Stitchin’ School at the Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion, in Huntsville, Alabama.  This dress is one of the two projects I have planned for the school, and it’s dreeaaamy.  I made this version out of a to-die-for Tula Pink voile, so it’s […]

Nearly There

Projects that are almost finished (but not quite): My new temporary studio, situated in our dining room.  I won’t have a “real” studio until the basement gets finished, which we thought (insanely) would be right away but looks like will take at least a year.  Needed to be painted, which we did last weekend–now I […]

Fabric Fail

I love me some linen, maybe even more than cotton, at least for garments.  And every year when the weather warms up, I feel a yen for more flowy, soft, linen clothing to wear–which nearly always sends me out shopping for new fabric.  And this year, perhaps more than in some other years, I went […]

Date Night Redux

I find myself in the same boat I’ve been in before, and so I thought a flashback post might be in order. My husband and I are heading out to an event tonight that’s “black tie optional,” and I don’t have anything to wear. A fact that I realized yesterday, naturally. The dress in the […]

Mission Maxi Dress

I never got around to posting this dress after I finished it last summer, but with my Sewing Knits without the Serger class coming up next week, I got to thinking about this pattern.  It’s the Mission Maxi Dress from Jamie Christina, and it went together like a dream.  No serger, just a narrow 1/4″ […]

LBD and The Big List

Two things going on here: One, I’m finally sewing in the lining on the Little Black Dress I made with my Fall Wardrobe e-course class back in…what, September?  October?  It was my favorite garment that we made with that class, and I haven’t been able to either show it off or wear it, because I […]

BONUS! Ruby Star Spring Apron Over-Skirt Tutorial

Did you love the Ruby Star Spring A-line Skirt?  Because I love it.  And when I originally envisioned it, I saw it in my mind as two layers, one a simple, clean skirt that can be worn all spring, summer and fall, and another an apron overlay that can sass it up or be worn […]

FREE Pattern Download: Ruby Star Spring Bee Skirt!

Local Atlanta fabric designer Melody Miller is a dreamy lady to know.  Her new fabric collection, Ruby Star Spring, is just out in the softest, most luxurious cotton/linen blend, and she asked if I would be willing to work with her to create the perfect skirt to showcase the central print: a pixellated bee.  Would […]

Sewing with Knits E-Course Registration OPEN!

Open today: registration for the Sewing with Knits e-course! This is a five-week online class that covers all the basics of sewing knit fabrics, including how to choose them, how to cut and stitch them, and how to embellish them, making some super fun stuff for you to wear along the way.  We make four […]