Old Sofa, New Sofa

As we continue the saga of updating our house, I have learned to become less attached to things I love and be a little more honest with myself about them. I have also learned that no matter how DIY talented you are, there are times when it’s best to just throw some money at a […]

Mod Built-In Bookcases

Every time I post an image of the built-in bookcases in our den, I always get a ton of questions and comments. They’re pretty awesome, if I do say so myself–and they totally make the room. When we first bought this house, the entire den was wall-to-wall wood paneling: dark, shadowy, brown, brown, brown.  It […]

Curtains for the Den

It is rapidly becoming curtains week around here–first a revised set for our boy’s room, then the temporary curtains for the front living room, and now some for the den.  I guess it goes to show the power that imminent house guests can have! Our little late-mid-century ranch has a pretty standard floor plan: you […]

Emergency Curtains

Remember how I was debating what to do about the drapes in our front living room?  Well…I haven’t done it yet.  These are not The Drapes.  Sorry. These are the emergency drapes that I whipped up a couple weeks ago when I knew we had 25+ people coming over for a cookout for my husband’s […]

Revised Curtains for the Boy’s Room

I’m not totally sure if it’s the extra sunlight or the sheer number of hours I’m saving this summer by not driving carpool, but I have been ON FIRE with getting things checked off my to-do-around-the-house list. I am a MACHINE, y’all. These are the curtains in our boy’s room.  There used to be two […]

Geranium Pink is the New Black

Currently, this is our girls’ room.  Our six-year-old and three-year-old share this space, and we’ve only recently moved out the crib and made way for a bigger bed.  It was the start of a whole host of changes. First, let’s go back in time.  When we first bought this house, here’s how this room looked: […]

This one might have been a mis-fire.

Sometimes, it looks good in your head, and then when it’s up and on the wall, it’s not what you’d hoped, you know? This is our living room, which hasn’t made much progress since I finally got all the boxes out and the wall unit installed.  The sofa still isn’t re-covered, although the upholsterer is […]

Moving to a Big Boy Bed

We’ve moved our youngest out of the crib.  It feels a little like the end over here–our baby isn’t really a baby anymore, and as far as we know, we won’t be having any more–but it also feels like we’ve lost our minds–now they can all roam at will, and we’re vastly outnumbered.  We’re playing […]

Jack-and-Jill Bathroom Renovation

Full disclaimer: this was not a DIY project.  But we did gut this bathroom down to the studs and make it our own.  Which, in its own way, is pretty exciting. This is the Jack-and-Jill bath that the children share.  The two younger girls are in one room, our boy in the other, with the […]

Metallic Painted Drop-Leaf Table

When we moved into our rental house last year–almost exactly a year ago, actually–we didn’t take our dining room table with us.  It was too big for the rental, and we didn’t know if it would fit into whatever house we bought, and since it had been a hand-me-down from my mother-in-law that my husband […]

Living Room Drapes

I’m currently reviewing swatches and making plans to–at long last–make the drapes for our living room.  Yes, the same living room.  It’s still not done.  Here we are on the average day: Which I don’t mind so much–except you can basically see straight into the house from the street.  Add that some windows in bedrooms […]

Laundry Room Reveal!

In the grand scheme of home renovation, any small step forward is at least a step FORWARD. So this make-over for our laundry room, while not massive in scale, makes me feel as though we’re getting a toe-hold around here. Naturally, I didn’t take any great “before” photos, when it was full of the previous […]

Nearly There

Nearly There

Projects that are almost finished (but not quite): My new temporary studio, situated in our dining room.  I won’t have a “real” studio until the basement gets finished, which we thought (insanely) would be right away but looks like will take at least a year.  Needed to be painted, which we did last weekend–now I […]

Our Summer So Far

Our Summer So Far

To a certain degree, it feels as though we’ve gotten off to a rocky start this summer, maybe because the kids are having a rough time with transitioning to a less structured daily schedule.  There have been tantrums, there have been tears, and that’s just me!  (Bah-dum-dum.)  Our summer break has really only begun this […]

Bar Stool Slip Cover

Bar Stool Slip Cover

After hours of grueling research, I have chosen a fabric and made the first of three slip covers for the bar stools that sit between the kitchen and the den!  I shared this project with my Sewing for Your Home e-course this week, and am tickled pink at the way it turned out. I had […]