How to Store Wool Yarn & Fabric

How to Store Wool Yarn & Fabric

When I started knitting, I realized I needed to think about storing my textiles differently.  For one good reason:  MOTHS. Moths are the enemy of long-term textile storage, which we learned the hard way at our house from one vintage jacket purchased at a second-hand store that worked its way through three prized sweaters before […]

pot holders

Holiday Gifts: Tutorials to Get Them Done

What is it with this year?  December is going SO QUICKLY.  Hanukkah is already upon us, you guys!  Seems like usually by this point in the Christmas season, I’ve already cut out most of my projects and have set aside night after night for stitching them up–but this year, I’ve struggled to get my feet […]

advent quilt button

Advent Calendar Sew-A-Long

Years ago, I re-created my mother’s Advent calendar and interpreted it as a quilt-as-you-go project, complete with template.  The year I finally buckled down to make this for our family, I worked on one house a day each day in December, and had a completed calendar by Christmas Eve!  Every year since, I have taken […]

How To Get Smooth, Professional Princess Seams

How To Get Smooth, Professional Princess Seams

When I looked at the photos I took of my Halloween dress, I noticed some puckering at the princess seams that made me feel unhappy:

Tutorial for a Lined Bodice on Sew, Mama, Sew!

Tutorial for a Lined Bodice on Sew, Mama, Sew!

Today over on Sew, Mama, Sew I’m sharing a tutorial for making the Flip Flop Dress with a variation in the waistline seam.  When I was manufacturing children’s clothing for a local design boutique, I made my garments in bulk–which required me to dip into the toolkit manufacturers use to reduce both fabric bulk and […]

Kindle Cover Tutorial: Updated!

Kindle Cover Tutorial: Updated!

One of the most popular tutorials I have ever published here on the blog is my Kindle Cover Tutorial.  I’m back today with an update to the measurements and construction of that cover!

Making the Flip Flop Dress with an Unlined Bodice

Making the Flip Flop Dress with an Unlined Bodice

The Flip Flop Dress is a classic girl’s dress with a fully lined bodice.  One of the features I love about this dress is that all the interior seams are completely enclosed: the shoulder seams, armhole seams, side seams and even waistline seam are all tucked inside the bodice lining, so that only the skirt […]

sewing piping to a curve

TUTORIAL: Applying Piping

When I was dreaming up the Prayer & Meditation Cushion pattern, one of the first epiphanies I had was that it really needed piping. One of the best parts about piping is the way it really defines a seam and makes it POP.  I love it on almost everything–children’s clothes, women’s dresses and tops, pockets […]

enclosed exposed zipper

TUTORIAL: Exposed Enclosed Zipper

Ever since I learned to install the “exposed enclosed zipper,” I have been minorly obsessed with them.  They seem to work on, like, a zillion different projects, perfectly.  I used one on the Prayer & Meditation Cushion, and in my Pockets e-Book I wrote about how to install one with a pocket on the back.  These puppies […]

mitered linen napkin corners

Handmade Linen Wedding Napkins

I must really, really, really like my sister. She’s getting married in two weeks (eek!!), and I agreed to sew up the table linens for her reception.

continuous bias tape cutting guide

Printable: Bias Tape Makers & Measurements

While I was at QuiltCon, I had the privilege of teaching a quick demonstration at the invitation of the ladies from Cotton + Steel.  Naturally, the first idea that popped into my head was to share my on-going passion for continuous bias tape.  Yes!  More CBT converts!  More bias tape projects!  BIAS TAPE FOR EVERYONE!! […]

Now Available: The Pockets E-Book!

Now Available: The Pockets E-Book!

Raise your hand if you love POCKETS!! Back in 2012, I created a 14-page printable workbook to accompany a practical workshop in pockets, one of my very favorite details to add to sewn projects. Originally written for Sewing Summit, this workbook features step-by-step photos and instructions for constructing SEVEN different styles of pocket.  I loved every […]

lining lip

Lining Cardboard Storage Boxes: Tutorial

The vintage maps I decoupaged on my empty cardboard diaper boxes turned out really pretty, but the upper edges had a tendency to peel and unroll, and I was concerned that lots of tiny hands would make short work of flaking off all that hard work.  As I was glueing, I was mentally calculating what […]

map storage boxes tutorial

Vintage Map Toy Storage Boxes

This is the story of a problem and a solution. And it all starts with house hunting.  Join me, if you will, on a (short-ish) journey all the way back to 2011. When we very first were shopping for a new home and came across this house, I pored over the images in the listing […]

bias tape

Continuous Bias Tape Tutorial–Now On Video!

For a while now, folks have been asking me to make a video version of my continuous bias tape tutorial from a few years ago.  I teach this technique both in my in-person classes and my online Essential Sewing class, and it’s even included in Stitch by Stitch, but I have been putting off and […]